North Korea released at least five new smartphone models in the past year


The "Madusan" cell phone. ("unfamiliar exchange")
North Korea delivered five new cell phones last year regardless of shutting the boundary because of Coronavirus and serious monetary burdens.

Day to day NK as of late gotten materials containing data on cell phones delivered in the nation last year from a revealing accomplice in the country.

The materials look at the exhibition of around 50 North Korean cell phones, including those delivered before 2022. Telephones with the best presentation got a score of "1", while telephones that performed 10% beneath the top entertainers, for instance, got a score of "0.9".

Last year North Korea delivered the Madusan 217S, Madusan 215, Myohyang 901, Sonamu 381 and Sonamu 382.

Myohyang is a tablet PC brand from North Korean gadgets organization Pyongje, while Sonamu is the name of a brilliant television item from Puksae Electronic Innovation Organization, an organization that produces karaoke machines and speakers. The Madusan Monetary Organization, which created Madusan, likewise produces karaoke machines and savvy televisions. All of this demonstrates that new organizations have entered the cell phone business.

Truth be told, notable cell phone producers like Blue Sky, Arirang and Jindallae have not delivered any new models starting around 2020. There is plausible that new organizations will import parts to gather and offer cell phones because of assents.

As per the materials got from Everyday NK, the Madusan 215 sudden spikes in demand for Android 11, while the Madusan 217S, Myohyang 901 and Sonamu 382 sudden spike in demand for Android 10. The Sonamu 381 sudden spikes in demand for Android 9.

Android 13 is the most recent accessible adaptation of the Android working framework. Albeit an engineer rendition of Android 14 has been delivered, Google presently can't seem to make it accessible as an authority update. Android 11 gives off an impression of being the most recent adaptation that anyone could hope to find in North Korea.

The materials don't give precise data about Application Processors (APs), the "minds" of cell phones; Notwithstanding, the materials express that the APs in the five telephones delivered last year had 83% the presentation of the Blue Sky S1 delivered in 2019.

The Blue Sky S1 utilizes the MT6757 from Taiwanese AP chip maker MediaTek. The organization's MT6755 has around 80% the exhibition of the MT6757. In light of that, the cell phones that North Korea delivered last year probably utilized APs with comparable execution to the MT6755.

The Sonamu 381 has a 6.85 inch screen and a profundity of 8.4 millimeters and weighs 178 grams with a battery limit of 4020 mAh. The Sonamu 382 has a 7 inch screen and a profundity of 9.25 millimeters. It weighs 320 grams and has a battery limit of 4680 mAh.

Both cell phones are outfitted with enormous screens and appear to be appropriate for survey visual substance. Nonetheless, the Sonamu 382 is essentially heavier, weighing about two times as much as the Sonamu 381. No data was given on the outside details or battery duration of the other cell phones delivered somewhat recently in the materials procured from Day to day NK.

As per the materials, the Myohyang 901 had the best execution of the five telephones delivered a year ago. Next came the Sonamu 382, trailed by the Madusan 271S, the Sonamu 381 and the Madusan 215.

North Korea seems to have kept on bringing in cell phone parts and delivery new telephone models in spite of the continuous boundary conclusion because of Coronavirus. North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un has communicated a distinct fascination with science and innovation, so the work might be attached to satisfying his objectives and mandates. This year, the nation may likewise deliver new telephone models.

Deciphered by David Dark. Altered by Robert Lauler.

Everyday NK works with an organization of detailing accomplices situated in North Korea and China. Their characters stay unknown for the sake of security. For more data about Day to day NK's revealing accomplice organization and data gathering exercises, visit our FAQ page here.

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